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I really loved the fact that the course is product-oriented. It's not as many that you can find online. The course leads you to think about something you can craft and then sell. It pushes you to think about your project to eventually leave a mark. The connection between the usage of AI to make your own product. This is what makes the difference.
Giorgia Dello Russo
Client Support Officer
First, I think Gianluca himself, is very passionate about the topic, and his teaching method is very engaging. The second thing is the practical side of this. So you get to deliver a project at the end and we were guided step by step from the beginning. I can directly put it into use in my work. And the last point is the supportive team.
Garon Jinlong Yu
Service Designer
Today you can very easily buy a course that it's, like, nonsense. They teach you stuff that you can find for free somewhere else. But here you realize that AI Academy does all this research and they are always up to date with the new tools, the new concepts. That's what you look for in education. You just want to know that you are getting the right stuff.
Daniel Riojas
Program Manager
"I love that we can actually have access to the AI Academy team through the Discord channel. I think that's really, really, really powerful because we can ask questions ongoing.”
Kola Gbadamasi
Startup Founder in the Finance industry
It felt like a very non-judgmental environment and I think that's a very good way to learn with other people in that kind of setting.
Michael Musci
Digital Innovator in the Healthcare industry
"My wow moment was when I discovered the procedure of validating prompts, because, to be honest, nobody talks about this."
Christoph Piller
Process Expert in the Consulting industry
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Average Course Rating

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Meet your Instructor

Gianluca Mauro
You will be trained by our Founder and CEO Gianluca Mauro.

A few things about him:
- 10 years of experience consulting and building AI for organizations like Merck, P&G, Pampers, EIT, etc.
- Professor at Harvard’s Executive Education programs
- Author of the book Zero to AI
- Author of the investigation on AI gender bias “There is no standard’: investigation finds AI algorithms objectify women’s bodies”, published on The Guardian.

After working in Silicon Valley, he embraced the mission of making AI democratic for everyone (you can hear the story in his TED talk). This journey led him to teach AI at universities such as Harvard and ESCP and to advise leaders in companies such as P&G, Pampers, and Merck on their transformation to AI.
Gianluca Mauro Photo

PRogram details

Interactive Live Sessions
Five Hands-on and practical 1.5h lessons with instructor Gianluca Mauro.
LIVE DATES: Jul 8, 18, Aug 1, 14, 29 at 6 pm CEST

On-demand Content
Comprehensive video and text on-demand content with practical exercises available from Jul 8th 2024, that you can watch at your own pace.

Peer Collaborations
Three group work 1.5h live sessions, collaborating with other students under AI Academy team guidance.
LIVE DATES: Jul 25, Aug 8, 22 at 6 pm CEST

The Capstone Project
Design an AI-powered prototype to showcase your new skills and earn our certificate of completion while creating an impressive case study for your portfolio.

Live bonus workshop
A special, free webinar led by a Make.com engineer and a bonus workshop with insights from alumni who have successfully applied what they learned in our course.

Topics covered by this course

Behind the scenes of large language models

A process to write good prompts - every time

Scoping a generative AI project

Integrating prompts into a product

Advanced prompting strategies

Evaluating prompt performance

How to give LLMs more memory

Present your work and build your portfolio

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Important Update

We’re excited to announce that after five successful editions, we have updated the name of our course from "Master in Prompt Engineering" to "Generative AI Project Bootcamp".

Why the Change?

This new name better reflects the comprehensive nature of the content covered in our course.
As you can check from the "topics covered by this course section", "Prompt Engineering" is a core component of the curriculum, but the course also delves deeply into the broader aspects of generative AI, providing a more holistic learning experience.

By expanding the scope of our course, we aim to provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the evolving field of AI.
Join us in the Generative AI Project Bootcamp to stay ahead of the curve and transform your career with cutting-edge AI expertise.
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