EMPOWER your business with ai education.

Whether you're just starting to explore the possibilities of AI or need to take your team to the next level, we have a solution for you.

We know that each company has unique challenges and goals, so we work closely with our clients to develop customized training programs that address their specific needs.


It's about finding the right place for AI to create value for your business, having the right understanding of the technology and the right mindset.

Our trainings are designed to help people with diverse backgrounds achieve this goal, emphasizing inclusivity, simplicity and fun.

Why should an organization invest in broad AI literacy?

McKinsey has tracked high-performing AI adopters* for five years.
Here are some insights:
Train non-technical personnel to use AI to improve decision-making.
Have well-defined capability-building programs to develop technology personnel’s AI skills.
All other respondents
AI high performers

“AI high performers are upskilling technical and nontechnical employees on AI […]. Respondents at high performers are nearly three times more likely than other respondents to say their organizations have capability-building programs to develop technology personnel’s AI skills.”

*Companies who have improved their EBIT by 20% or more with AI
Source: McKinsey “The state of AI in 2022—and a half decade in review”

The moment to upskill is now.

A study by MIT found that ChatGPT can make people 37% faster at their job, improve their output by 20%, and boost job satisfaction.
“. . . a tool like ChatGPT could substantially raise the productivity of grant writers and marketers, for example by automating relatively routine, time-consuming subcomponents of their writing tasks . . . demand for these services could expand, resulting in higher employment and wages as well as greater productivity for companies.”
Noy and Zhang from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

our Programs.

At AI Academy, we believe that learning should be inclusive, simple, and fun. That's why we offer a range of programs and cater content to your unique needs:

Exclusive Programs for Leaders

For executives who want to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in AI and shape their future strategy better. Our briefing sessions by Gianluca Mauro will help you stay ahead of the curve and achieve your business goals.

Ideation Workshops

Our workshops are designed to help you catch up with the fast-paced developments in AI. We cover various topics, from the basics to advanced techniques, to help you stay up-to-date and improve your knowledge.


Our hackathons are ideal for groups who want to create tangible value after a couple of days and build prototypes using Generative AI like ChatGPT. This is a great possibility to have your technical and non-technical teams work together and collaborate to develop innovative solutions.

Prompt Engineering Masterclass

Designed to help you be more productive and save time on your workflow. Prompt Engineering Masterclass provides a high-level overview of prompt crafting and it is ideal for individuals or groups who want to enhance their skills and feel the power of AI at their fingertips.

AI Transformation Programs

Customized training programs that address the specific needs of your employees. Our experienced team will work to ensure a personalized training program that is suitable to the exact needs of the teams in your organization.


Who you’ll learn from.

Gianluca Mauro
I’m the founder of AI Academy and the author of Zero to AI. I embraced my mission of making AI democratic for everyone after working in Silicon Valley (you can hear my story in my TED talk). That journey led me to teach AI in universities like Harvard and ESCP and advise leaders in companies like P&G, Pampers, and Merck on their AI transformation.
Gianluca Mauro Photo

You are in good company

p&g logoMerck logoPampers logoTotal logoInno energy logoDaikinCapgeminiNational research Institute Council of Italy


AI Academy has helped many companies start their AI journey and achieve significant results.
"My team had a very mixed composition: some barely ever touched anything around ai and others had already built LLM-based features. AI Academy was excellent in the way he helped the team get up to speed and at the same level when it came to understand the technology and was brilliant in helping the teams to think about the stuff they wanted to build."
Francesco Bellanca
Francesco Bellanca
Head Of Product
- Sifted -
"AI Academy helped us develop a data-driven and Machine Learning-based culture in our company. Their approach is strategic but also extremely concrete, and in a short time helped us take the key steps we needed to get results. AI Academy has the keys to unlock that potential."
Fabio Pistilli
Fabio Pistilli
Head of Data & analytics
- Fater -
“If AI sounds like a different planet to you, AI Academy knows exactly how to make it THE tool from YOUR planet.”
Agatha Peptea
Agatha Peptea
Strategy & Business Performance Director
- E.ON -
"It's easy to get caught up on the AI hype, and just do "something with AI". Gianluca puts the user experience first, and he understands how AI can be a part of the solution - and when it can't or shouldn't. He's also really good at understanding complex issues and articulating them in a way so that everyone understands.”
Morten Bo Rønsholdt
Morten Bo Rønsholdt
Co-Founder & CEO
- Tjek -


Every organization and team is at a different stage in their AI transformation journey. Don't wait to transform your business with AI education and contact us to find the right one for you.
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