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Meet your Instructor

Gianluca Mauro
You will be trained by our Founder and CEO Gianluca Mauro.

A few things about him:
- 10 years of experience consulting and building AI for organizations like Merck, P&G, Pampers, EIT, etc.
- Professor at Harvard’s Executive Education programs
- Author of the book Zero to AI
- Author of the investigation on AI gender bias “There is no standard’: investigation finds AI algorithms objectify women’s bodies”, published on The Guardian.

After working in Silicon Valley, he embraced the mission of making AI democratic for everyone (you can hear the story in his TED talk). This journey led him to teach AI at universities such as Harvard and ESCP and to advise leaders in companies such as P&G, Pampers, and Merck on their transformation to AI.
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"AI Academy was excellent in the way he helped the team get up to speed and at the same level when it came to understanding the technology and was brilliant in helping the teams to think about the stuff they wanted to build."
Francesco Bellanca
Francesco Bellanca
Head Of Product @ Sifted
“Gianluca provided a unique experience in sharing both the fascination and the risks of AI in the same presentation.
He turned an impressive performance on stage into a rousing call to action.
His enthusiasm is simply contagious!”

Dietmar Schlößer
Dietmar Schloßer
Director of Digitalization & Innovation @ TÜV Nord Group
"AI Academy helped us develop a data-driven and Machine Learning-based culture in our company. Their approach is strategic but also extremely concrete, and in a short time helped us take the key steps we needed to get results."
Fabio Pistilli
Fabio Pistilli
Head of Data & analytics @ Fater
"It's easy to get caught up on the AI hype, and just do "something with AI". Gianluca puts the user experience first, and he understands how AI can be a part of the solution - and when it can't or shouldn't. ”
Morten Bo Rønsholdt
Morten Bo Rønsholdt
Co-Founder & CEO @ Tjek
“If AI sounds like a different planet to you, AI Academy knows exactly how to make it THE tool from YOUR planet.”
Agatha Peptea
Agatha Peptea
Strategy & Business Performance Director @ E.ON

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