Become a voice to build ethical AI.

Learn how to use AI ethically, prevent AI harm and drive positive change.
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What is this course about?

AI can be a force for good, if used ethically.

There are a lot of examples in the media about AI harm, but not a lot of conversations about solutions. We believe that part of the solution lies in you: the more people join the conversation, the more AI will benefit everyone. If you care about the ethical implementation of technology, this course will give you the knowledge you need to let your voice be heard.

We'll start analyzing real cases of harm, deconstructing who got hurt and why. We'll offer practical frameworks to keep harm in check, and finish with career opportunities for people who want to play an active role.

Stop watching from the sidelines. Study ethical AI and let your voice be heard.


Deconstruct AI harm.

Learn from real-world case studies what are the real risks of AI, and how bias leaks into AI models.

Drive positive change.

Learn practical frameworks to design AI projects with ethics at their core.

Be a frontrunner in ethical AI

Companies are hiring professionals for their ethical AI teams - explore this rewarding career option.

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Who is this course for?
who lead digital projects and want to integrate AI ethically
Technical people
like data scientists or developers who want to have ethics as the foundation of their work.
who cares about ethical AI development and wants to gain the knowledge to make a difference.
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what our alumni have to say

“Applying Machine Learning to business requires quickly adapting your mindset. AI Academy has the keys to unlock that potential.“
Fabio Pistilli
Head of Data and Analytics @ Fater
“If AI sounds like a different planet to you, AI Academy knows exactly how to make it THE tool from YOUR planet.”
Agatha Peptea
Strategy and Business Performance Directer @ E.ON
“AI Academy was a big step in my life which highly contributed to starting a career in AI.”
Helin Yontar
Innovation Consultant @ AI Business School

Why this course is so special

  • Bite-sized lessons. Easy to digest even when you’re short on time.
  • Actionable. Provides clear and specific steps and strategies that can be implemented immediately.
  • No coding required. Designed to help anyone, regardless of their previous knowledge of coding.
  • Easy to follow. Clear and simple language without unfamiliar jargon.
  • Lifetime access. Study whenever you like, and never worry about missing any deadlines.
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Topics covered by this course.

AI harm case studies

Testing AI biases

Frameworks to develop ethical AI

The ethical AI landscape

this is the time for ethical ai

As AI goes mainstream consumers worldwide have become more accepting of it.
Nine out of 10 organizations say they are aware of at least one instance where an AI system had resulted in ethical issues for their business.

Become a voice in ethical AI

Build ethical AI

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Meet your Instructors

Gianluca Mauro
I’m the founder of AI Academy and the author of Zero to AI. I embraced my mission of making AI democratic for everyone after working in Silicon Valley (you can hear my story in my TED talk). That journey led me to teach AI in universities like Harvard and ESCP and advise leaders in companies like P&G, Pampers, and Merck on their AI transformation.
Gianluca Mauro Photo
Léonard Van Rompaey
I started working on law and ethics of artificial intelligence in 2014 at the UN in Geneva. My research on the topic has received awards, and has allowed me to work with organizations like Dansk Teknologisk and the Danish robotics industry, and got me to appear in Danish media on various occasions. I teach these topics mainly at the Law Faculty in Copenhagen, but have also facilitated workshops and conferences for law firms, consulting groups, and public organizations.
Léonard Van Rompaey Photo

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions about our course.

Can my company pay for this?

Of course! Companies know that they will be more competitive if their employees understand AI, so chances are they will help you out even if there isn’t a formal training budget allocated. For more information, please see this page.

Do I need to know how to code?

Absolutely not. AI is a tool and, like all tools, you can either decide to use it yourself or cooperate with someone who uses it. What matter is that you comprehend what you can achieve with it and what you need to make it work.

I don’t think I have enough time

You can study the on-demand lessons at your own pace whenever suits you.

What if I can’t apply these concepts to my job?

You probably have heard the phrase “Data is the new gold”. Most companies already have data, they just don’t know how to put them to good use. Our case studies will help you realize how AI can apply to different scenarios.

Will I get a certificate?

You’ll get a certificate of completion from AI Academy that you can display on your LinkedIn profile and CV.

How long do I have access?

You’ll get lifetime access to video lessons.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, we do. We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee from the date of purchase. You’ll just have to explain to us what you didn’t enjoy to help us improve our offer.

Can I get an invoice?

Yes, you can. Once you've made the purchase, you'll be redirected to a "thank you page" where you'll be able to add your company data and we'll prepare an invoice for you. Follow our guidelines to learn more.