get your education financed.

Keeping pace with technology and enhancing our skills is essential for career advancement. AI Academy offers a range of AI courses designed to help you excel in your profession, but the cost of additional education can be a concern. So, why not explore the possibility of sharing the benefits of these courses with your employer and discussing potential reimbursement options?

Asking for tuition reimbursement or education benefits doesn't have to be an uphill battle. Instead, seize the opportunity to exhibit your commitment to professional growth and contribute further to your company's success. By presenting AI Academy courses as a valuable investment for both you and the organization, you create a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

To help you navigate the discussion with your employer and secure reimbursement for AI Academy courses, consider adopting these friendly and strategic approaches:

To make the conversation easier, we've prepared an email template that clearly communicates the value of AI Academy courses and requests employer reimbursement:

Subject: Request for AI Course Reimbursement


I hope you're doing great!
I recently discovered an engaging AI course offered by AI Academy, which aims to provide comprehensive understanding and practical application of AI within a professional setting. The course is designed for people like us, who do not have a technical background in coding, but would like to harness the power of AI to benefit our company.

The instructor, Gianluca Mauro, is an AI entrepreneur and author with an impressive background in teaching at Harvard and consulting for renowned companies such as P&G and Merck on AI transformation.

I am confident that by taking this course, I can acquire valuable AI knowledge and skills that will help me contribute even more effectively to our team and the organization. Here are some specific benefits:[mention customized benefits based on the 4 approaches given]

The course costs €[COURSE COST]. You may also want to explore group discounts, should we consider enrolling other members of our team. To review the course details, please visit:

Considering the benefits mentioned above, would you be open to approving a full or partial reimbursement for this course?

Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to discussing further how this learning opportunity can benefit us all.

Best regards,
[Your Name]

In case your company wants to pay via credit card, you can use that to purchase any program on our landing page. Once you've purchased it, you'll be redirected to a "thank you page" (check the image below for reference) where you'll be able to add your company data and we'll prepare an invoice for you.

Simply follow this steps:

Thankyou page example

After that, we'll send the invoice to your email quickly.

Remember, the key to a successful discussion about education assistance and reimbursement is to emphasize the benefits for your manager, the team, and the organization. By following these tips you can create an appealing case that encourages your employer to support your professional development.