Paving the way to human-centered AI.

We are a fully remote education company based in Copenhagen, Denmark on a mission to make AI accessible to everyone, since 2015.

The vision.

In 1879 Carl Benz built the first vehicle powered by a gasoline engine. The car was born.
The car revolution started as an engineering marvel and evolved to change our society.
That revolution started with an engineer and continued thanks to automotive entrepreneurs, designers, marketers, salesmen, policymakers, lawyers, and insurers.

We are at the same stage with AI. The AI revolution is at a stage where countless opportunities are created for people who want to use it as a tool to change their industry and their career. So far, AI has been a field mostly understood and used by data scientists and tech entrepreneurs.

We believe that AI should be a tool that everyone can use. A tool that empowers people to build what they want and need. What would happen if everyone could understand AI and had access to the tools to build AI? Our mission is to give you these tools and find out.

Our principles.

AI should be designed for humans.

Humans’ needs and goals must drive AI innovation. Whether you want AI to make your life easier or maximize your company’s revenues, your goals should inform why AI gets developed and deployed.

AI should be designed by humans.

The people building AI technology must reflect the diversity of those who will use it. Everyone must have the opportunity to study it, understand it, use it, and shape it to be a force for good.

AI should be designed ethically.

AI ethics shouldn’t be a “nice to have” or a PR move. To get there, we need to design AI being mindful of its potential impact on our natural, social and economic systems.


We are not actively hiring at the moment. However, if you’re a mission-driven person who wants to make a dent in how people will use the most powerful technology of the century, feel free to send a spontaneous application.

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Do you want to...

Have a better career?
Feed Your curiosity?
change the world?

Whatever your goals are, we have a course for you.
AI Productivity Workshop
Build Ethical AI course
Foundations of AI course
Master in Prompt Engineering
Lead with intelligence course
AI is the new electricity. Just as 100 years ago electricity transformed every industry, AI will now do the same.
-Andrew NG-

Any questions?

Feel free to contact us!
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