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AI Productivity Workshop

Cohort-based classes

2-month master programs with live classes led by expert teachers.
Generative AI Project Bootcamp
In this course you will learn how to engineer optimal prompts and translate them into powerful AI-powered projects without any coding. In the end, you’ll have a solid AI-powered project to speed up your work, your business or to be the foundation of a new product.
Ideal for:
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Leading business growth with ai
You will learn to identify opportunities for AI within your business, validate the potential business value of these opportunities, and manage associated risks including bias, privacy, and legal challenges. You'll do this by working on a project that matters to your company.
Ideal for:
Business Leaders
Digital Professionals
Innovative organizations
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On-demand courses

On-demand courses that you can follow at your own pace.
Foundations of AI
This course will bring you into the 1% of the most knowledgeable in AI through simple explanations, rich case studies, and absolutely zero code or math.
Everyone is talking about AI. But how does it work? What can it do and what it cannot do? Not many have the answers to these questions.
Ideal for:
Junior Professionals
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Build ethical AI
There are a lot of examples in the media about AI harm, but not a lot of conversations about solutions. We believe that part of the solution lies in you: the more people join the conversation, the more AI will benefit everyone. If you care about the ethical implementation of technology, this course will give you the knowledge you need to let your voice be heard.
Ideal for:
Technical People
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AI Productivity Workshop

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“AI high performers have the biggest bottom-line impact from AI adoption—20% or more of EBIT. They are nearly 3x more likely to have capability-building programs to develop personnel’s AI skills.”

McKinsey “The state of AI in 2022—and a half decade in review”

AI leadership program

Join an exclusive club of Entrepreneurs, Executives, and Senior Managers.
Gain the knowledge and insights you need to drive your company successfully through the AI era.

Format: on-demand + live workshops
Features: 100+ video lessons to watch anytime; Elite community access; Work on a real business project
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