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our courses

8 weeks - 1300€

Generative AI Project Bootcamp

An immersive, hands-on, online AI training course where you learn to use AI by designing and prototyping your own ChatGPT-powered digital product. Learn how to engineer optimal prompts and translate them into powerful AI-powered projects, without coding.

Ideal for:

- Anyone looking to speed up and automate processes with AI.
- People who want build an internal IA tool for their company or client.
- Those who want to test business ideas by designing AI-powered products.

You'll learn:

- How to craft and validate optimal prompts adaptable to any use case.
- How to identify steps within a workflow that can be automated.
- How to create AI prototypes using no-code automation platforms.
Gianluca Mauro
Founder and CEO

Your instructor:

- 10 years of experience consulting and building AI for companies like Merck, P&G, etc.
- Professor at Harvard’s Executive Education programs.
- TEDx Speaker.
- Author of the book Zero to AI.
On-demand - 399€

Foundations of AI

Want to be among the top 1% in AI knowledge? This course explains AI with simple language and rich case studies. No code or math required. Everyone's talking about AI, but few understand how it works or what it can and can't do. If you're ready to learn the fundamentals of AI, this course is for you.
On-demand - 399€


Many focus on AI's risks, but fewer discuss solutions. We believe that part of the solution lies in you: the more people join the conversation, the more AI will benefit everyone. If you care about the ethical implementation of technology, this course will give you the knowledge you need to let your voice be heard.
On-demand - FREE

Practical Introduction to ChatGPT

This course is designed to equip you with the skills to harness ChatGPT for various applications. Gianluca Mauro, the founder of AI Academy, will take you through practical, real-world use cases and provides hands-on experience with ChatGPT.
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what our alumni SAY ABOUT US

I really loved the fact that the course is product-oriented. It's not as many that you can find online. The course leads you to think about something you can craft and then sell. It pushes you to think about your project to eventually leave a mark. The connection between the usage of AI to make your own product. This is what makes the difference.
Giorgia Dello Russo
Client Support Officer
First, I think Gianluca himself, is very passionate about the topic, and his teaching method is very engaging. The second thing is the practical side of this. So you get to deliver a project at the end and we were guided step by step from the beginning. I can directly put it into use in my work. And the last point is the supportive team.
Garon Jinlong Yu
Service Designer
Today you can very easily buy a course that it's, like, nonsense. They teach you stuff that you can find for free somewhere else. But here you realize that AI Academy does all this research and they are always up to date with the new tools, the new concepts. That's what you look for in education. You just want to know that you are getting the right stuff.
Daniel Riojas
Program Manager
"I love that we can actually have access to the AI Academy team through the Discord channel. I think that's really, really, really powerful because we can ask questions ongoing.”
Kola Gbadamasi
Startup Founder in the Finance industry
It felt like a very non-judgmental environment and I think that's a very good way to learn with other people in that kind of setting.
Michael Musci
Digital Innovator in the Healthcare industry
"My wow moment was when I discovered the procedure of validating prompts, because, to be honest, nobody talks about this."
Christoph Piller
Process Expert in the Consulting industry
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You mean business? We do too

“AI high performers have the biggest bottom-line impact from AI adoption—20% or more of EBIT. They are nearly 3x more likely to have capability-building programs to develop personnel’s AI skills.”

McKinsey “The state of AI in 2022—and a half decade in review”

AI leadership program

Join an exclusive club of Entrepreneurs, Executives, and Senior Managers.
Gain the knowledge and insights you need to drive your company successfully through the AI era.


"AI Academy was excellent in the way he helped the team get up to speed and at the same level when it came to understanding the technology and was brilliant in helping the teams to think about the stuff they wanted to build."
Francesco Bellanca
Francesco Bellanca
Head Of Product @ Sifted
“Gianluca provided a unique experience in sharing both the fascination and the risks of AI in the same presentation.
He turned an impressive performance on stage into a rousing call to action.
His enthusiasm is simply contagious!”

Dietmar Schlößer
Dietmar Schloßer
Director of Digitalization & Innovation @ TÜV Nord Group
"AI Academy helped us develop a data-driven and Machine Learning-based culture in our company. Their approach is strategic but also extremely concrete, and in a short time helped us take the key steps we needed to get results."
Fabio Pistilli
Fabio Pistilli
Head of Data & analytics @ Fater
"It's easy to get caught up on the AI hype, and just do "something with AI". Gianluca puts the user experience first, and he understands how AI can be a part of the solution - and when it can't or shouldn't. ”
Morten Bo Rønsholdt
Morten Bo Rønsholdt
Co-Founder & CEO @ Tjek
“If AI sounds like a different planet to you, AI Academy knows exactly how to make it THE tool from YOUR planet.”
Agatha Peptea
Agatha Peptea
Strategy & Business Performance Director @ E.ON